Rate my physique -

Is my body fat reading correct?
I took an inbody scan and I’m getting a 4% body fat result which I’m finding hard to believe based on the way my body looks.

Secondly, I stopped working out as much after having a kid and turning 30. How much worse do I look. Here is what I used to look like.

IMO, you look noticeably worse.

From your pics, I’d say get back more consistent in the gym and you will get back your look in your 20’s with no problem and fairly soon.

You have remained lean, so that is one battle you don’t have to fight.

As to your percent body fat calculation, the mirror is by far the most accurate measurement. Who cares about a number?

Not to be a jerk, but it looks like you prioritize abs over anything else. Your back probably needs attention due to posture,
your legs - even in the beach pics - could use work to help balance things out, and definitely shoulders and arms to fill out your x-frame.

But you still look better than 90% of the population, so you’ve got this.

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For reference, I figured I would post a picture from two days ago (sorry, no shoe).

I am between 6’1 (in my twenties) and 5’11" (according to my doctor recently) and I weigh 200 in this picture, sixty years old.

According to my scale, I am 23.5% bodyfat.

According to my handheld BIA device, I am 17.2%

According to the mirror, I am small.


Get on your scale with damp feet and I bet your percent body fat drops a little.

I have noticed that with my hand held monitor.

I just check it daily to see trends, so I do it consistently with dry hands. I don’t use my scale for BF, just weight.

I would say 10-12%
Also wherever you are doing for your obliques stop.

Thank you for the feedback. I actually do 0 ab workouts. In general, my abs tend to get thicker with ab work and i end up having a thicker trunk which I dont like the look of.

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So, a few quick questions to give information to smarter people than I to help give answers.

1.) Current workout plan
2.) Current diet
3.) Current goals
4) Are you or have you ever been enhanced
5.) When have you felt the best about your physique, and why

You look great! But not close to 4%… even pro’s rarely get that low with drugs.

What are your physique goals? I have abs like you… they look strong, and chicks dig the Adonis belt.

  1. High intensity low volume
  2. Steak, eggs, repeat
  3. Bigger traps, delts, yoke
  4. Yes, no, yes again
  5. Never

I meant him to answer the basic questions, but if other people respond and it’s helpful for him to get answers, then by all means - anyone chime in.

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I know… it was a joke

Nothing Goes Over My Head...! - Guardians Of The Galaxy GIF ...

I has the dumb.

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You’ve definitely regressed but you’ll bounce back quick once you’re back in the gym more frequently and eating more. You seem to have a naturally large waist, so filling out your back, shoulders, arms and legs should be a big priority. Chest is still fairly on point though!

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Thank you for the tips, Dave. I really struggle with my trunk. It just looks so thick no matter what I do. I’ll try your advice. Really hoping to taper down more into the pelvic region.


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I actually do 0 abs for that exact reason. I was like “They are already too thick, let’s just let it ride and see what happens.”

Do you have difficulty with your shoulders allowing your lat to “open up” when trying to flex or train it?

Thanks for the question, Brant.

I just started working out with a trainer actually as I sustained a back injury back in Feb. and just got out of a detox facility for addiction to Kratom (that should be a whole other forum). Anyway I used to be in really great shape back in my 20s before all of that. The trainer only has me working out 3 days a week (compound movements/maxing out each) which makes me a little nervous because I feel like I need more time in the gym to grow. Planning to just trust him for now and see how it goes.

I appreciate you sharing this.

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