Questions For Bill RE: Androsol

Hey Bill. I have a few bottels of Androsol and I am dying to use it. The only problem is I can only spray the product on 1x a day at 12 noon, and if I have to wash it off I could only wash it off at around midnite, all due to work reasons. How long do you stay ON and how long do you stay OFF if you could only apply it 1x aday? Is it OK to spray it on at noon time and if u state that I have to wash it off, will it be OK to wash it off at midnite? And would this same protocol work with Nandrosol? And if I want to stack & apply both Androsol and Nadrosol, at one time a day, would the same protocol work? And one last question, I mean it, I am using Propecia and saw Palmetto for hair loss currently, will this make Androsol and Nandrosol ineffective, or make the Propecia and saw palmetto ineffective, or cause other problems like estrogen build up and gyno? Thanks alot Bill, I know I am hammering you with questions, but it will help me alot, Thank You again.

If you can apply at noon, and can wash off
at midnight, it seems to me you could apply
at midnight as well, and do the recommended
2 on / 4 off cycle. I would prefer that

The muscle-building effectiveness would not
be changed with Propecia.
Propecia will still be of use when using
Androsol, might be of little use or possibly
counterproductive when using Nandrosol, but
Nandrosol with Propecia would still be easier on the hair than Androsol with Propecia (and BTW, Androsol seems to be pretty easy on the hair itself.)

Not sure about the saw palmetto… no harm
probably, probably also not much benefit
except maybe the prostate, but that doesn’t
seem an issue anyway.

Thanks alot Bill, I wanted to use Androsol 2x daily like the bottle recommends but thought that was too late in the day to apply the last dose and then go right to sleep. Thanks for clearing it up and taking the time to personally answer all these questions to you.