Question for Coach Davies

Hey coach i’ve tried a few of your workouts now and they are killer. Can’t wait for more. just a quick question or 2. When you say minimal rest between stations how does that differ from a circuit? and question 2: I’m intersted in purchasing your 8 Week Comprehensive Power~Speed~Strength~Size Development Journal. I was just wondering if you could give me a few details about the program.Is it split up into phases or just a strait forward training program. What is the focus of it? Thanks alot. Scooby. is selling an exclusive Phase I-Level 1 program I developed for them. Please tell me more about your training goals and we can determine the applicabilty for yourself. You raise a interesting point about the “minimal rest” in the difference between Complex / Circuit work. I would like to discuss that as coaching point of an athlete. Without question if your training was purely strength motivated the rest intervals differ remarkably. Have I confused you more or do you understand the concept of the functional aspect of this. I would like to discuss this particularily if you are an athlete/coach. In faith, Coach Davies

All my athletic programs have the same focus - “to make you perform on the field of competition at an alarmingly faster pace than before” In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks coach. I am not an athlete but i do train like one. For a while now i have been intersted functional strength/speed training. I have incorpertaed some westside barbell techniques into my training with good results. After i read your article here on T-Mag i knew your style of training was for me. I am always up for a challenge and i have a do or die mentality. As for goals i would like to improve my functional speed and strength. I have a bit of foundation to build though. I have realized that my abs and overhead squats are my weak points and i have to work on them. So if you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

You will find that ab exercises done standing are far superior for building functional strength. I was visiting with Louie Simmons last weekend and he showed us new ab drills he is doing with bands. Try standing cable crunches for a while and you will see a big difference in your core strength.

Scooby-just ask and I will do whatever I can to help. You picked a great group of lifters to follow with Westside and I hope to be an asset. In faith, Coach Davies