Question for Coach Davies

Coach Davies, I’m hoping you can help me. What are some great exercises to do to improve strength and speed in the football long snap? I’m guessing it’s primarily the forearms and wrists but was interested in some specifics.

Thanks, Coach Davies!

When i long snapped in high school i used a lot of my legs to snap. Its really a total body movement. I would end up moving about three or four inches from where i started because i snapped with so much force.

Practice, practice, practice. Our snapper does a lot of snatches, rows (close and wide elbows) overhead triceps extensions, Russian Twists and ab crunches on the pulldown machine. Plus his core program.

But he’ll tell you it does nothing compared to the 300-400 reps he throws per week.

I just remembered something. When i long snapped i decided to practice with a heavier ball. It screwed me all up. I would suggest you not do that.

Sorry for not responding earlier but I have been on the road all white. I used to work with one of the top long-snappers in the league. A long-snapper’s success is predicated upon tremendous hip/hamstring flexibility, explosive power from the posterior chain along with tremendous technical proficiency. I will be happy to discuss with more. In faith, Coach Davies.