Question for Chris Shugart

Hey Chris, Chucky Poliquin once mentioned that if one were going to split-train (two-a-days), the time between training sessions is absolutely imperative. He said that anything less than 4 hours and the nervous system wouldn’t recover; anything over 6 hours and the nervous system loses its “priming” effect. I’m assuming that most people training twice per day for the Growth Surge project will likely train around 6 AM and then again at 6 PM. Would you please address this?

I talked about this in another post actually. Poliquin’s idea of twice per day training is to train the same muscle groups is both sessions, for example, chest in the morning and chest again later in the day (although rep ranges and sets are changed.) I think this influenced his timing recommendations. We use the Arnold-style approach instead-- training different muscle groups in each workout.

But honestly, in the end, it’s not that big of a deal. I never used Poliquin’s timing guidelines because of my job (or at least my old job) and always had good results anyway.

depends on the two-a-day set up. If you are doing “normal” training and just split up the volume of a normal workout into 2 30min sessions or whatever, then i could see the 4hr wait being neccessary. However the withing 6th hour requirement is neither mentioned by Zatsiorsky in Science and Practice or the WSB guys on their advice for 2 a day training (as i recall).