Question for Brock!!

Brock, I just got some Nubain and maxibol from a guy at my gym and I want to know how I can cycle this for big gains. The guy said I could gain about 30 pounds if I did it for 8 weeks but I dont want that much, I want to gain like 10 pounds and keep it all. So if you can help me I would apreciate it, thanks!

This guy at your gym is full of shit. Nubain is a heavy duty pain killer similar to morphine and if memory serves me correctly maxibol is some worthless supplement occasionally advertised in the free MaxMuscle magazines.

Nubain (nalbuphine HCl) is structurally an opioid narcotic as is morphine, and is comparably effective as a pain killer, but in a different way. Morphine acts at mu receptors while nalbuphine acts at kappa receptors.

Contrary to what some say, nalbuphine can be addictive (psychologically addictive) to those who like how it makes them feel – some people like feeling stoned/drugged/high and for them Nubain can be an enjoyable recreational drug.

Maxibol is just B12. Sounds like you got screwed my friend.

I cant recommend and dont care to comment on Nubain. It wont make you huge.

Maxabol (if it is what Im thinking of) is an otc supplement that contains DHEA, and some other precursors in ridiculously low microgram quantities. I spoke directly with the pres/owner of the company and he claims that they have some efficient delivery system…blah, blah, blah. I dont know about all this. All I do know is that it’s not the real deal.
Sorry you made a bad purchase. I’d take it back to your dealer and make him eat both bottles (plastic packaging and all)!