Question for Bill Roberts

I have been trying to get into contest shape for a long time. Since February I have been on a low carb diet 1.5gof protein a ton of vegies salads and two tbs spoons of udo’s+ 9fishoils and 9 cla’s multivitamin, postworkout was whey protein and 2tbs of glutamine. I lost bodyfat the first month, I did no aerobics only supersets and lactate training, intervals also. I have plateaued now I can’t seem to get under 10% and to top that off my sex drive is low and my erection isn’t as strong, also my desire to train is low. I have tried one high carb day every five days I even took a week off and upped my calories and carbs then came back to the low carb but still couldn’t break homeostasis. I have added some cardio but still cant decrease my bodyfat. Finally I said fuck this diet I hate it! I want to be normal again so I went on a Zone diet which I followed before I tried the low carb approach , I find I feel 10 times better, my desire to train, my strength endurance and sex drive all feel normal or above average. I especially feel good eating low glycemic carbs, and especially fruits like grapefruit and apples, as for fats I use almond butter ,nuts , udo’s, and fishoil. The problem is I find it hard to drop bodyfat with carbs once Ihave gone so low for so long I am currently 210 10%-12% bodyfat I eat five meals a day , now that I upped my carbs to 40% I dropped my protein to 1 g per lb of lbm, and my fats are at 30%. Calories are 2500. What about postworkout I am extremely sensitive to sugars I want to go to sleep, can I eat a balanced shake with whey, udo’s and a yam instead because I have much more energy throughout the day that way. What suggestions do you have, should I do any cardio, can I keep the carbs and fruit?

Personally (and quite a few others agree but not everyone) I don’t think fruits should be a substantial percentage of the calories for the day… fructose is a carb which cannot be used by muscle tissue. If you like them, fine, but keep them in moderation.

Your experience with the low fat diet while training naturally is typical… definitely not the way to go.

You can definitely use a yam for your post workout carbs if that’s something that feels good to you while sugars do not. And actually, for anyone, any sugar other than dextrose (glucose) is not the best choice anyhow.

Bill: if you don’t recommend fructose, what do you recomend
as good sources of carbs?

Glucose, dextrose (same thing), maltose, maltodextrin for the sugars… or you can use any kind of starchy food, for example, bread, potatoes, spaghetti.