Question for Bill Roberts

Hello Mr. Roberts I was wondering if you could help me. In one of your previous articles you stated that Androsol is very similar to dianobol. I was wondering if I used 15mg of dbol dy along with 140sprays of androsol a day would it make the dbol act as if I were taking 50mg of dbol aday without the side effects. I am stacking this with deca for eight weeks. Weeks 1-2 600mg the rest 300mg. Thank you and please reply

Yes, the combination should act like 50 mg/day Dianabol or more (not that there is much further benefit to using more Dianabol than that) since that much 4-AD alone, from Androsol, seems equivalent either alone,
or in a stack, to that amount of Dianabol.

Exceptions being, no estrogenic side effects
including excessive water retention (makes
you heavier anyway!) or gyno; and no liver

I have 80 dbol tabs so I figured I would use them in conjunction with the androsol. Do you think with that little dosage of dbol it will cause gyno? Also do you think it is better to saturate your receptors at the first or build up in the cycle. By the way this is my first real cycle.

I prefer using the same dosing level
every week of the cycle. There’s no
reason to spend some time above that
which gives you the best balance for
your goals, and some time right at that,
and some time below… just be where you
think best all the time.

That amount of Dianabol would be quite unlikely to cause gyno problems, if no antiestrogen were used, though there could be rare exceptions. I can appreciate your wanting to use it, having it already… in my case, I’d incur no extra
cost by using Dianabol, but on the other hand,
incur no cost using Androsol or Nandrosol (yes, you’re entitled to hate me) and so I just use Nandrosol only and the Dianabol might as
well be written off. However, if I had to
pay for the Nandrosol, you betcha I would
save money by using any Dianabol that might
be on hand, to replace some of the Nandrosol
dose. (Or Androsol.)

If using 15 mg/day oral, I think 50 sprays
twice per day would be sufficient… you
shouldn’t need all 70.

Ok so you are saying that to avoid unwanted side effects it would be better to just use the androsol 70 sprays twice per day than using the dbol along with it. This should be a powerful stack since 140 sprays a day is near 50mg of dbol a day. On the strength side of it will the androsol be less effective than the dbol?