Question for Bill Roberts

I was curious if you agree with JMB diet recomendations. P+C and P+F, I can see not adding fat to a high starchy carb meal, but what about when its a high fiber carb, like fruit , or beans. I find I just do better eating balanced protein carbs and fat, but avoiding hi gi carbs and fat? your thoughts appreciated!

Excellent results can also be had with
an approximately isocaloric approach;
or when on androgens, with all meals
being high in protein and carbs and low in

Overall I do think John Berardi has come
up with an excellent idea here though. It’s just that it’s not the case (and he’d never
say it was) that no either diet approach
can give excellent results. His seems to
have particular advantage though in many

It’s quite coincidental that you would post this thread, as I was speaking to John earlier today and he mentioned something along very similar lines. I don’t think he’ll mind if I share with you that he’s been incorporating both beans and nuts into the same “meals” as of late. He commented on how he feels a greater fullness from the inclusion of the fiber based food sources. Now as John tends to test a number of theories out on himself (and his close friends :-), this is from what I understand, something that he’s just toying with and hasn’t as of yet delved too deeply into any research behind his madness (though I would imagine he’s at least looked at a few abstracts). I want to stress that in no way am I speaking for John and my understanding may be out of context, I just thought I’d pass along some trivia.

Bill, I’m trying to figure out most of my meals for Cy wilson’s “Steroid Dieting” but its getting hard to stay within the guidelines for carbs and fat. If necessary, would it be better to go over for carbs or fat?