Question for Bill Roberts or anyone about Methoxy-7

Bill or anyone else who has used Methoxy 7. I will be starting on it as soon as I get it. I have read all the info on it in the back issues but what I have never seen talked about was when to take it. Is it best taken on a empty stomach between meals, or is it best with meals. Is there any advantages to taking it right before or after a workout and is it best to be consistent each day in regards to the time it is taken. I am going to follow the fat loss stack with this and MD6 and am going with the 1600mg a day and want to get the best results possible so any addtional info would be great. Thanks alot

While it hasn’t been tested both ways, absorption is probably better with
food. And even if it were a little less,
the catabolic/anti-anabolic harm of going
without food would no doubt outweigh any
slight advantage with regard to absorption
if there were one.

The timing question is very interesting.
It turns out that the original formulation
gives a rather short peak… you have high
levels for just 2 or 3 hours and then they
fall off rapidly. So it could be that there
is some time of day when having that peak
is an especially good thing, but no one knows.
Certainly whatever protocol was used in
the recent Methoxy-7 (original formulation)
study is a protocol that works. I don’t have
that study though.

The replacement formulation has a much more prolonged
duration of action so timing would not
be an issue.