Quad pain

3 days ago I injected 3cc’s of T200 into my right quad. it felt fine the day after but then yesterday my quad was tight as hell and hurt worse as the day went on. Today I can hardly walk. This was the first time I have ever injected into my quad all other injections I have done have been in the glut with no problems. Any idea on what is causing this pain. Thanks

what gauge and what length needle did you use. I’m doing EOD quad injections with 29G 1/2" syringes and they’re easy as cake. they take like 3 minutes but it’s worth it because they’re pain free. if you did everything right, which I did too, then it’s just because it was your first injection and you did 3cc’s. the more you do it, you more you’ll get use to it. try doing just 1cc and if you’re not already, switch to the insulin needles.