Does anyone know approximately what percentage of your weight you are pressing when doing a push-up? I assume it varies depending on how your weight is distributed, but I’m just looking for a ballpark figure.

Set up in a close grip push up position with your hands on a bathroom scale. Divide that value by your bodyweight x 100.

Weigh yourself. Then put a scale under each hand. Add up the weights on each scale. Divide this sum by your body weight and multiply by 100. That is the percentage of your weight you are pushing up at the start. It will drop slightly during the pushup motion as a function of the angle your body makes with the floor.

I read somewhere that pushups use about 60-65 percent of your total bodyweight. Not sure if it’s true or not, but I think it was in an article on T-mag or something from Pavel or Matt Furey.

I hope you get this one answered. I’ve always wondered about it myself… One way of finding out I guess is to count as many push ups you could do in 1 set (to failure). Next guesstimating how much weight you could bench to reach the same number of pushups.(This might take a few attempts) And then finally use this formula to find percentage.
(Benched weight*100)/(body weight)

65% with regular pushups, 100% with handstand pushups.

I believe it is about 60%


Get in the pushup position with your hands on a scale

45% is pretty much the highest amount

I tried the scale method and it seemed as though it was around 65-70%.
It also seemed as though the percentage increased the closer my body got to the floor and decreased as I got farther away from the floor.
Thanks for the help.