Puffy Face

Any of you natural lifters ever get a rounded or puffy look to your face. I’ve been lifting for six years and I’ve had great results. I am now 205 at about 8-10% bf. Unfortunately, over the past couple of years, my face has developed a puffy look. I’m not using creatine and I’m not eating high carbs. Any suggestions or similar problems?

What’s your sodium intake like?

I had the same problem when I drank alot of milk. What’s your dairy intake like?

You bet - I was going to post this myself. 30yo, 5% bf on the tanita, never juiced and just on creatine for the first time, I have notice this but think it started around 28-30 with some hormonal changes as I have notice others developing this. I was hoping someone might have some sensible suggestions to reduce puffiness (eg lower carb and salt intake) and maybe some not so sensible ones (preparation H, facial jelquing …).

This thread is getting buried, but I think it might be a problem for more than a few of us. It might be the same thing that one guy posted regarding “Massive Eating” and a bloated look. Anybody else?