Protein Intervals

We are usually advised to eat several times a day eg. every 3 hours instead of 3 square meals. This seems fine for our carb intake since carbs are absorbed fairly quickly ie. mainly within this 3 hour period, but proteins are absorbed often alot slower than this ie. those in milk and steak can take atleast 6 hours. Therefore with this type of protein there is going to be an increasing backlog of protein in the gut as the day goes on. This may help for the overnight fast but what about getting in enough protein for the growth phases of the day. Would it be best to consume mainly quickly absorbed protein for atleast the first half (or so) of the day eg. yogurts or whey drinks?

I start off every morning drinking part of my mega protein shake. For lunch and dinner i try to have regular food. Quick digested protein after the overnight fast is important that is why my shakes are a blend of whey isolate and casein all the time. laters pk