Constant Eating During Bulking

Is there any downside (muscle-gain wise) to me sipping on a giant protein shake in between regular meals? As in, trying my best to not go five minutes without ingesting something?


Well I don’t know how “giant” we’re talking here, but assuming you eat 5-6 meals, thats 4-5 protein shakes, which I personally think is a bit much.

The downside that I see is that you wouldn’t be able to bring your “A game” to the dinner table if you’re sipping on a calorie dense shake all the time. I find that it’s easier to eat 5-8 large meals and sip icewater in between.

Try to frontload calories, i.e. eat a ton from the morning to mid afternoon. This saves you from having to gorge yourself later in the day.

RIT Jared

"Unfortunately, when large increases in blood amino acid levels (+100%) are achieved via intravenous infusion for a prolonged period of six hours, protein synthesis only increases from the 30 minute to the two-hour mark. After two hours, protein synthesis rates almost immediately return to baseline. Unbelievably, protein synthesis rates remain at baseline levels from the two hour to the six hour marks, even with the same level of hyperaminoacidemia (2).

So it’s clear that keeping amino acid levels elevated all day won’t keep protein synthesis rates racing along. It’s my guess that if you were to try to do this, breakdown would simply balance synthesis and you wouldn’t get any bigger. It’s my theory that you need those phasic bursts in amino-acid levels to stimulate protein synthesis."

That’s taken from “Bedtime Story” by John Berardi. It’s in the archives if you want to read it. It mostly has to do with inhibiting protein breakdown at night, but has some good tidbits about what you are asking, I think.

Thanks guys.