Propecia increases estrogen??

Read on. Thought some of you may be interested.
Love to hear comments from the guru’s.
Biotest - hurray up and come out with “M” already eh? Seems we are being infected with estrogenic effects everywhere we turn.

Holy crap! Thanks for the info. It looks like I’m definitely gonna have to get me some Vitex and Chrysin. Hopefully, they’re for real.

FYI - chrysin isn’t worth the bottle it’s in.

The fact that finasteride can raise estrogen
in some people is not new. If you develop
side effects from finasteride than it
probably isn’t worth taking; but not everyone
develops these side effects. What is new
is the idea that elevated estrogen and
cortisol can cause hair loss. But this study
doesn’t provide any evidence to support that
claim. (So it may or may not be accurate.)
So far as it is typically known, the primary
causes of hairloss are thyroid related (low) and androgen related (high).

How much were they using? Everything negative I’ve seen about finasteride came from those using it for prostate problems- i.e. taking five times a much as what’s needed for hair loss.