Program for my dad...

Guys, what do you think of this program for my dad, he’s 53 and he’s only just joined the gym, he’s not in bad shape, but I’m gonna take it easy on him to start with :slight_smile:

Bent over row 3x8
Flat bench 3x8
Lat pulldown 3x8
Military press 3x8

Deadlift 3x6
Squat 3x6
Leg curl 3x12
Leg extension 3x12

after a month or so I’ll get him doing more work sets, introduce him to PWO nutrition etc.

I wouldn’t suggest 3x6 of deadlifts AND squats. Has he trained before? If not, I would have a day of deadlifts and a day of squats. And begin with less reps.

Understand, for someone who is unfamiliar with the compound movements, it’s more important for them to get a feel for the form rather than reps.

Also, a Saturday of bent over row, followed by a Sunday of deadlifts/squats.

And 3x8 or 3x12 reps on just about all of the exercises? Keep the reps low. If he’s so sore that he can barely move the day after, he may not like that.

Remember, he’s a newbie. Keep it simple.

Can he only train on Saturday and Sunday?

If he has never trained before, I would have the reps higher. He needs to become familiar with the exercises and his neuromuscular coordination must be improved. Lighter weights and more reps, so that he can gradually improve his technique is what I’d suggested.

I’ll agree with Patricia on her othet points, outside of the low reps.

Bench press 2 X 8-10
Barbell row 2 X 8-10
Military press 2 X 8-10
Squat 2 X 10-12
Romanian deadlift 2 X 10-12
Try to add 5% more weight,if possible,at each subsequent workout.