preworkout carbs?

I was reading on the AST website about how bodybuilder Jeff Willett eats a bowl of Frosted Flakes as his preworkout meal, with the argument that the fast-acting carbs help shuttle nutrients into his muscles during his workout an hour later. Any thoughts?

Proving once again that the worst place to seek advice is from a genetic mutant roid user/abuser! Hey, Arnold used to have a whole chicken and a picture of beer after training. Will I look like him if I do that too? :slight_smile:

actually dude he eats the frosted flakes in the morning along with his vp2 because if he didnt have some form of fast acting carbs then the protein shake would be worthless.

actually dude he eats the frosted flakes in the morning along with his vp2 because if he didnt have some form of fast acting carbs then the protein shake would be worthless.


As per your screenname, I assume you’re into gravedigging?

I find that if I eat a carbohydrate rich meal before training that I tend to have more energy… However none of that frosted flakes shit. I usually go for brown rice or oatmeal, along with some lean protein.

I think we can all agree that eating something before working out has its benefits. Again, its not the frosted flakes that makes Jeff Willett huge, its the steroids. You won’t get jacked up by eating sugary cereals.

actually dude he eats the frosted flakes in the morning along with his vp2 because if he didnt have some form of fast acting carbs then the protein shake would be worthless.

What? [/quote]

Double what?

I have read quite a few articles over the last year where it is now being suggested that eating some protein and simple carbs before a work out is the thing to do. I am not sure if they actually meant frosted flakes.

The benefit of ingesting high GI carbs before a workout is still in question as far as research is concerned. Why not just drink half of your post-workout shake DURING your workout?

also… triple what on the vp2, dude.

Just wondering why y’all are responding to this post at all…

Did you notice it’s two years old, and this guy has probably long since gone into a sugar induced coma?

You can’t just go and destroy the weights on an empty stomach, dude. That’s why I ALWAYS have a bowl or two of Kellog’s Frosted Flakes before EVERY workout to give me that extra edge. They’re GRRRRRREEEAAAAT!!!
(part of this balanced breakfast)

I’m surprised no one beat me to this… Am I the only one that watched Saturday morning cartoons (and the damn commercials) when he was a kid?

Hm. It is two years old isn’t it. Well, i’m just waiting for a reply from goth666, so I can find out what the fuck he’s talking about.

i didnt mean that the protein shake would be worhtless, but if he had just the protein shake then the amino acids would be used to regulate his blood sugar instead of going towards building new muscle. heres the article that jeff willet wrote.

Q: I’ve been following your 2002 Journal. I noticed you’ve been eating Frosted Flakes (which I love) in the morning. I was always under the impression that refined carbs like this were a “no no”. What is the strategy for eating Frosted Flakes?

A: My first meal is designed to increase blood sugar levels and take advantage of the period of increased insulin sensitivity you experience upon waking. Paul suggested Frosted Flakes because they are a high glycemic index carbohydrate that will elevate my blood sugar quickly, just like we want. I combine this with 2 scoops of VP2 Whey Isolate and 1 cup of skim milk. Together they make an awesome tasting combination that will increase nutrient transportation and shuttle protein into my muscles like crazy during this important time.

I train about an hour to an hour and a half after I eat my first meal and I bracket my workout with Creatine HSC and VP2 Whey Isolate for the same reason. The Creatine HSC elevates my blood sugar before, during and after training when blood sugar levels are low and insulin sensitivity is high. This mixture works great to supply vital muscle building nutrients directly to your muscles at the precise times when they need it the most.

Paul Cribb and Paul Delia have been instructing me on the importance of the strategic placement of high GI carbohydrates to increase recovery and accelerate muscle growth.

As you can see from my current nutritional plan posted on my Daily Training Journal, the majority of my carbohydrates and calories are ingested around my workout as suggested by Paul Cribb and outlined in the “Anabolic Nutrient Timing Factor.” The rest of the day my focus is on quality protein and lower GI carbohydrates to keep my blood sugar levels steady.

Now don’t run out and buy up all the Captain Crunch at your local grocery store because it’s not about haphazardly wolfing down bowls of cereal. It’s about the strategic placement of carbohydrates at specific times of day to take advantage of insulin sensitivity and trigger the anabolic mechanisms of muscle growth.

Jeff Willet has, at best, an imperfect understanding of what he’s doing. That’s the kindest way I can think to say it.

While it’s true that you want the majority of your carbs around your workouts, and the hi-GI carbs during and after, having a bunch of hi-GI carbs an hour and a half before you exercise is just silly, increased insulin sensitivity in the morning or no.

He’d be better off to eat some (not a lot of) medium-to-low GI carbs along with his protein in the morning, then get all his other hi-GI carbs during/post training.