Prematur graying of hair

Not exactly bodybuilding I know, but anybody have experience of supplementation to inhibit/prevent/reverse premature graying of hair? I’ve been using PABA for a no. of months with little effect.

I have a friend who tried everything…like you, he started graying in his early 20’s. He tried supplements and nutritional strategies, but nothing really worked. In the end, he just had to bite the bullet and dye his hair.

You could also try just letting it go gray without a fight. I’ve been graying since I was 18 (the Navy did that to me :-), and now that I’m 36 I constantly get compliments on it from women of all ages. Many women like the “salt and pepper” look, especially if it goes along with a youthful, decently-built body.

I’m only 25 and graying rapidly. With a babyface (I look 12 w/o mustache & goatee) I wasn’t ready to age that quickly. I had my hair bleach highlighted (It’s jet black otherwise) and people LOVED it. Three other guys (age 23-310 I work with had it done within a week. Maybe worth a shot.