Pre Workout Drink

John M Berardi says he uses 1 serving of Gatorade before working out. I always thought Gatorade would be about the worst thing you can take before working out, and something that would be of more benefit to take afterwards. Why is this optimal to take before hand, and how long before you workout?

Recently, someone on another board I frequent recommended this as well. Baiscally, if you have a kick ass workout using gatorade vs. a poor ass one without, it is well worth it.

And, you’ll probably use the calories from the gatorade and then some during a kick ass workout.

Try it and see if it works for you.

I’d drink about a cup 15 minutes or so before and then sip it throughout the workout

Tom Incledon gave a presentation about pre, during, and post workout nutrition at the Orlando Seminar. I’ll have to check my notes later and give you guys the low down. I believe he is the one that originally recommended Gatorade along with a few other key ingredients/nutrients to give you a kick-ass workout. Hopefully t-mag will post his article about this in the near future.

Hi Fe. Some of my best workouts were preceded by a fruit concoction I used to drink. 60 minutes prior, I had a light meal of a protein bar (15-20g protein, 30g carbs). 30 minutes prior, I drank a fruit shake. I didn’t write down the recipe, but I think it was something like this: In a blender, add 1 15oz can of sliced peaches or apricots in light syrup, 8oz unsweetened applesauce, and enough water to fill the blender to 32oz. This makes 2 drinks. Divide the mixture evenly into two, 20 oz containers (I use old 20 oz Gatorade bottles). To each bottle, add 1 serving of orange flavored, sugar-free fiber supplement (generic stuff from Wal-Mart), and enough water to fill the bottle completely.
This makes a slow-absorbing powerup that has worked quite well for me.
You might want to divide this blenderful into three 20 oz shakes to reduce the calories somewhat and scale up the water content. - Nylo

I heard that John M Berardi DOES NOT use gatorade before workout. John M Berardi says that about 60-90 min before working out he eats 10oz of beef and a salad. John M Berardi then says that DURING the workout he drinks 1 serving of gatorade, 1 teaspoon of glutamine, and 1 serving of power drive in about 1.5L water. John M Berardi says that he then follows the workout with Surge (in the locker room or in the car on the way home). I dont know if John M Berardi knows anything or not but I saw pictures of him at the Arnold and he looks pretty big and lean.

thanks john, I am also some one who tends to put words in people mouth(I am right 90% of the time though).

Well i was thrown off with
““Meal” 4: 1 serving of gatorade with 5g glutamine and 1 serving of power drive”. Being that PowerDrive was mentioned (thats something i take 1/2 hr. before working out). But anyway, thanks for clearing that up, and ill try my glutamine today with Gatorade while im working out, rather than drinking it in my PowerDrive before hand.

Okay, I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes, but chemically…The introduction of high glycemic sugars would cause an insulin spike during the workout,(since that’s when one is taking it). With insuling being present in the bloodstream, growth hormone and t-levels would be suppressed. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to stick to old water during the workout? John, Bill, can someone answer this for me, because it makes sense.

Youre not stepping on my toes. You see, high GI carbs any other time will increase insulin. But during a workout, glucagon, epi, nor epi and cortisol are high thus blunting any effect of insulin (which doesnt shoot up anyway). So there is no suppression of GH or Testosterone. Nor is there a blocking of lypolysis or potential for a blood sugar crash. Trust me on this, Ive been studying this stuff for years and have alot of info on this one so I wouldnt NOT know the physiological implications of my recommendations.

John Berardi - why take the PowerDrive during workout instead of the recommended 1/2 hour before?

I use Power Drive as a “neurotransmitter recovery drink”. So ideally if you are training high volume, after the workout would be a great time to take it for neurotransmitter resynthesis because that’s when the neurotransmitters might be depleted. I dont notice a whole lot from it in terms of pre-workout stimulation or increased motor unit recruitment (although some guys really do and rave about it). So I use it for different reasons. In addition I take it during, rather than after, because my training volume is high and it may be kicking in toward the end of my workout to help with neurotransmitter depletion or slowed resynthesis. I think it has a good impact on my recovery.

so the bottom line is, IS GATORADE GOOD TO DRINK BEFORE THE WORKOUT, OR AFTER??? Please follow up mr. bernardi. thanks.

JDROKS, If you are going to make demands, you might as well spell my name correctly…jeez…:slight_smile: There is no “N” in berardi and if you look below, I already said that I drink gatorade with power drive and glutamine DURING the workout. I also explain why in the next two posts.

JB must be suffering from PMS today. Kidding!
:slight_smile: Actually, I can see how being misquoted
and repeatedly asked the same questions by
people to lazy to do some reading could get
quite annoying.

Sorry for the typo, I happened to be in a rush while posting Mr. Berardi. As for the explanation to the answer, I didnt find it too clear so thats why i just wanted to know whether it was good or bad and at what times do you drink it. Basically like I said, cutting to the bottom line for those of us who don’t use powerdrive, etc…Anyways apologies if you took it the wrong way. I didn’t see it as a demand in any way, just a short, simple question.

Yeah, I think John M Berardi is gay!..oh wait, no, thats in another Bill Phillips thead. LOL. Just kidding JB. Now to the topic at hand- I’ve always had my best workouts when having a Powerbar 45 minutes before the workout and gatorade during. But, When I do, it makes the Post- workout drink much harder to get down. My big question though is- wouldn’t the post workout drink be more effective if there was no sugar in the blood during the workout- followed by the Surge causing a bigger insulin response?
I think if this is the case, the tradeoff of substituting crystal light for the gatorade, and having a bit less duration/ intensity workout would be more effective.

JDRoks, no worries about the name thing. I was just bustin some balls. As far as your question, I hope it’s clear now what I recommend and why. As far as the gatorade thing during a workout…I do it because my volume is high. I also do 30 min of cardio after the gatorade is finished before I drink my Surge. You know, another thing that might help is to NOT use premixed gatorade. This solution is less dilute and therefore harder on the stomach. I mix 1 serving in 1.5L water as opposed to 500-700ml that is used in pre-mixed gatorade. Either use a powdered gatorade or just dilute the premixed stuff in more water to achieve this concentration. During lower volume/duration workouts, it (gatorade itself) might not be necessary. As far as it potentially decreasing the insulin release, if anything it would increase it because all else being equal, more carbs in the blood means more insulin release.

Brooklyn, you must be confusing me with my brother sean (he’s definately gay - not that there is anything wrong with that :-)…oh shit, that’s right, sean’s not my brother! I hate when I keep confusing myself with Bill Phillips. Especially when I ask my roomate to fire up the jet and he brings me my 10 speed bike (that’s all us PhD students can afford).

JOHN, first you busts someone else’s balls for misspelling your name and then you come back and misspelled SHAWN (not sean) name. shame on you. sorry, i had to do it. :slight_smile:

John M you find no negetive effects doing cardio for half an hour after a weights session on muscle gain? Do you consume your postwork out drink after cardio and weights?