PowerDrive question

I just bought my first tube of Powerdrive, and I’m elated. I have a couple of questions though. Is it enough to take just one serving per day? (I can’t afford much more’n that) Is it fine to use it along with creatine, and will the pairing of these two before workouts increase performance or is it better to take only one? Thanks; I’m confused, help.

taking it once a day should be fine. the only reason i can think of to take it more than once a day is if you have 2 training sessions, or you are doing some sort of other activity in which you really want to be focused. you don’t need to take it at all on the days you dont work out. its not like creatine where you need to keep on taking it for maintanance. and to answer your question about the creatine, yeah it is fine to take both at same time. unless your using ribose-c though i dont really see the need to. save the creatine for after the workout.

I’m sure once a day will provide some benefit, so don’t think you’d be wasting your time with only once a day. Due to the law of diminishing returns, though, you would probably maximize your benefits on a bang per buck basis by using just once a day. In fact, you might stick with using it only on the days you workout, i.e. the days your body needs the neurotransmitter levels boosted or restored.

The directions for Powerdrive recommend it be taken before workouts, but one of the writers here at Testosterone (I’m pretty sure it was John Berardi, but don’t quote me) wrote that he used it after workouts. He was concerned that if taken preworkout, the tyrosine would be used as fuel for the workout instead of being converted to neurotransmitters. Instead, he saw the value of Powerdrive as restoring neurotransmitter levels postworkout, when the body would be less inclined to convert the amino acid tyrosine into glucose for fuel and neurtransmitters would be depleted. You might experiment with taking Powerdrive before and after workouts to see which works best for you.(Personally, I do seem a bit sharper with Powerdrive before workouts, and it helps with focus in studying; I have yet to use it extensively postworkout.)

As for creatine, creatine's benefit stems from increasing cell volume in muscles by increasing water and nutrient uptake--with cell volumization being anabolic. Powerdrive, on the other hand, provides tyrosine as the raw materials for neurotransmitters in the nervous system and gingko bilboa for increasing circulation to the brain, where the neurotransmitters are most needed. With that in mind, it is difficult to see how creatine would improve Powerdrive's delivery to the brain/nervous system. In fact, if creatine does improve nutrient uptake in muscles, it might cause the muscles to compete with the nervous system for the tyrosine. Those are my best guesses.