Power Drive a good solution?

Ok here is my dilemma. It takes me a bit more than an hour to get home from work. It takes me about an hour then to get mentally pumped enough to workout - usually start about 7:30. My workout lasts about on hour then I take my surge then wait an hour for dinner. This sets my time to get to bed back quite a bit and makes it difficult to get enough sleep for proper recovery.

So I was thinking if I could start the workout as soon as I get home I would shift things by an hour. But I need a bit of help to do that. I know an eca stack ie md6 is a choice but I need a break from that for awhile so I was thinking powerdrive would get me going mentally. So do I take it at work - then hope it is still kicking in 1 - 1 1/2 hours later when I start to workout or do I take it just before I start the workout? Finally will I find it hard to sleep taking it at 5pm or 6:30 pm? thanks everyone.

Just mix it up at work and start drinking it on the way home. I feel its full effects usually about 45 minutes after taking it.

Why don`t you just go straight to the gym from work? That will save some time.

Just bring a shaker bottle and mix it up at work before you leave. Power Drive helps me focus a little, but I don`t get that “I am ready to destroy some iron” feeling that I get while on Ultimate Orange (the only stimulant product I have been able to tolerate)… I take both of these products at the same time with nice results.

About 45 minutes to feel more focused for me - I agree, go to the gym from work - ALWAYS. When I workout in the evening (after work) I am always ready to straight to the gym.