Pot Smoking and Training?

Well I’ve been wanting to know this for a while now. How many people train and smoke pot(alot) and see gains in strength and size. It sounds weird but I know a couple of people that smoke pot daily and are huge. My question is does pot really affect you as how they say? I mean I see many people on here talking about anti-muchie strategies and it makes me wonder(working out high??) if all these dedicated T-men are really T-men. I, myself, dont smoke pot and dont plan on but it really bothers me that people smoke pot and and get bigger when it is so bad to do it. I’ve heard rumors that pot is horrible when triaining (for cardiovascular and it dehydrates you) or in general (duh!) so why is it that people like Arnold Schwarsenneger and other bodybuilders used to smoke pot after every work out(this has been told to me by alot of people) So am I following a general opinion or is pot really not that bad.

Well, it depends who you ask, to be honest with you. Pot has gotten a terrible reputation in the past, and a lot of people hold on to that. I’m obviously biased because I tend to do it a lot. I’ve seen the best gains of my life in the last year or so, and I’ve been smoking quite a bit. Of course, that is also about the same time that I started reading T-mag and using Biotest supps.(hey guys, can I get some free shit for that plug?? ok, kidding)

I guess the short answer is that I don’t believe it will stop you from getting big, but it’s not going to help any either…it’s all in how smoking affects you. Sorry to babble endlessly, but the subject interests me, too. I hope some other people add their thoughts to this.

From age 17 to about 25, I used to drink pretty hard about 3 nights a week. To some of you, this may seem very excessive, to others it may seem normal. In college and in my neighborhood, this was just about normal amoung most people my age. About six months ago, I quit drinking completely and now all I do is smoke pot…sometimes once a week, sometimes 3-4 nights a week. I can definitely tell you that my gains have been much better in the non-alcohol months than they ever have been. Probably the biggest thing is that smoking pot will NEVER make me miss a workout the next day, whereas drinking would completely sabotage my lifting schedule. On a typical day, I might eat eggs, tuna, and MRP’s all day, hit the gym at night, relax and smoke a little weed later on, and then either fall asleep or go out. Either way, the next morning I feel fine. So compared to alcohol, I think smoking has less of a negative impact on lifting. Compared to leading a completely clean lifestyle (however the hell you would define that), I’m sure smoking is worse…but it doesn’t seem to hurt that much. Always remember that everything you know about pot, you know because you heard it or read about it somewhere. And whoever was behind that information had their own agenda.

I don’t think that you can come up with a clearer headed response than what Matt just did. I absolutely agree. I VERY rarely smoke but agree.

I agree. That’s the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard out of a stoner. (just kidding)
Seriously, I couldn’t agree with you more!

I’ve been lifting for about 3 years and I’ve been smoking pot in the evenings for about the last year or so. The only side affect I have is a loss of libido after I smoke. I sleep like a babe though. I think it’s a great alternative to drinking and it doesn’t fuck up my routine. I take tribex as much as possible to counteract the t-suppressing affect I’ve heard that it has.

I used to bore holes in my skull with a cordless drill but I found that it was affecting my lifting. So, I switched to weed and now I can’t remember where the gym is.