Post Your Favorite Articles/Threads

I catch myself looking at other peoples favorites and then bookmarking them alot. Let’s post some of our favorite Articles and discussions in this thread.

The Top 30 Testosterone Nation Diet Articles:

Roundtable: Strength and Size - Part 1

Roundtable: Strength and Size - Part 2

Bulking Tips for Newbies

Louie Simmons Video

The Louie Simmons video is crazy.

7 Habits of Highly Defective Benchers

HUGE article for me. greatly helped my shoulder problems and benching

OVT: Optimized Volume Training

This one’s always a good read

Merry Christmas, Bob

This is a good thread. Things I can’t Prove, but believe


[quote]riverhawk23 wrote:
The Louie Simmons video is crazy.[/quote]

i want to box squat now lol


Neanderthal No More: fix your posture before lifting heavy shit;

bamp for more

was great at eliminating my back pain.

“core training”