Article Suggestion Box

Hey Y’all,

Not sure where to post suggestions, figured here would do. I had an idea.

What if the readers of T-Nation could suggest topics for the various experts to write articles on?

Got a nutrition topic you’d like to see John Berardi write about? Something specific you’d like to hear Charles Staley’s thoughts on? What if we had a suggestion box for articles.

Just a thought…

I was thinking about this the other day. I was thinking that seeing as how this is “bodybuilding’s think tank”, how about an article or a series of articles about building the brain. There are many good tricks and tips that include exercise, diet and supplementation and I think it would make for great reading. Recently I read a book called the Einstein Factor, and the exercises in that book have made a remarkable difference in only a short period of time to my own thinking.

I would also like to see another updated version of “Feed Your Head”. Some of the best movies, books and Tv shows I’ve seen have come from the recommendations of Chris, TC and others from this site.