Post Workout Drink

Here’s a couple of ideas that I would like to have your guys’ input on regarding making the new PW shake taste better.

  1. I’ve always used a fat-free, sugar-free Jello packet when making my PW shake since most of it is already maltodextrin. Will the additional cornstarch, etc. still be OK and not hinder the effects of the necesarry ingredients?

  2. What about adding a sweetener such as Sweet n’ Low to the drink to mask the bitterness of the hydrolosates?



I, unfortunately, bought the cheap stuff…good
protein but tastes like ass. I found Atkins raspberry syrup at the grocery store (i think GNC has it too) and it has been my life saver. I put 2 tbsp in each shake. No carbs and tastes good! Also, no nutra sweet or saccerine. I am very jealous of my boyfriend who bought Grow! and enjoys his shakes!!!