Posing music

Ii’m looking for a good song for my show. i like the dramatic change from softer rock to harder stuff, kind of like some of creeds songs. this will be my last show for awhile and i want to nail it. (please don’t say why not creed)

Muscle by Dianna Ross

3 simple words: Right Said Fred. “I’m too sexy for my…” ok, i’ll stop. Seriously though, Nine Inch Nails latest album, “The Fragile” makes extensive use of the sort of progressions you’re speaking of. Many of the songs have great string/piano arrangements, and climax with power-chord psycho stuff that they’ve becomes known for.

Listen to Therion’s albums Vovin and Deggial. It goes from dramatic opera to softer rock to harder rock. You could impress people with that type of music, you will be very different from others.

I realize most of you haven’t heard this song before, but give a try to “More” by the Sisters of Mercy. Wait until it kicks in. Or try Engel by Rammstein - the live version, which has the crowd raucously cheering you on behind the chugging guitars.

I highly recommend music by a band called Symphony X. Go get their latest album “V” which is on Metal Blade records. They mix slow, symphony like stuff with heavy guitar riffs (the coolest riffs I’ve ever heard). Try the song “Fallen”, or the song “On the Breath of Poseidon.” These guys have TONS of songs that would make great posing songs.

 Perry Mason and Mr. Crowly by Ozzy.

Go hit up Napster. Try some Deftones, Sevendust or maybe some 40 Below Summer (unsigned Jersey band) and sample some tunes.

Hey if you can get a hold of this song then do it!
“Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace”
Great for posing.

In honor of pro bodybuilding’s jacked-up policies, I wholeheartedly push POWERMAN 5000’s “NOBODY’S REAL” Awesome song as well.

"MB Eric: Watching fat morons eat doughnuts then wonder why they're fat since 1924"


CREED??? WTF they are not hard at all. I strongly dislike creed they have super huge egos. on the VH1 special they say they’re gonna be the greatest rock band of all time which is BS. if u watch it, you’ll know. I have a band for you which will pump you up way more than ANY other band listed here, they’re called MACHINE HEAD. Pick up their first two albums, “Burn My Eyes” and “The More Things Change”. you will NOT be disappointed they are super cool. go download the song Machine Head - Davidian from napster and you’ll know. then go buy the first two albums.

Also, i was in the gym with my friend about a year ago, and he was only going to the gym on and off. We were benching, and we were really pumping each other up with good encouragement and support. We were also listening to the punk band “Fury 66”. I think he was in the zone and really reved up but he put up 225 7 or 8 times which was a few more than he’d done it before and he had just come off a break of not working out. im not too sure how well known fury 66 is but they’re a punk band from new jersey i think

boxcar, i think most thermos are two at a time. ease off the dosage man. relax. i wanted input not personal opinion. just posing music not as hard as you can find. btw they probably are tthe best rock band of all time.
and who ever suggested symphony x, are you kidding me? that was horrible

think posing, presentation, flow. not mosh pit. they rarely happen at bb shows. machine head is too heavy. posing is transition from one pose to the next.

Crazy train by Ozzy, it’s guitar instrumentals are awesome music to get the adrenalin in the audience going