I’m currently dieting down to cut up. I have read that flexing hard is good for muscle fulness and striations my question is for how long should I flex how much rest between flexes and how much. Also I know people recomend between sets, but if I am dieting down should I do a flex routine on off days to improve these?

Just bringing this back into view

One of my friends who is competing soon, told me that he poses for about 20-30 minutes after his workout and hits the pose for 15 seconds with a 10 second rest. I’m not sure right off hand either but didn’t Pavel say something about this in his interview. I don’t know if he gave times or not. Well hope that helps you out a little.

what about on off days?

anyone care to revist?

I believe CT wrote an article about isometric holds. He included a bit about flexing.

cant seem to find it in the search

Listen to the d-tap interview with TC. He talks about it in there.