Polishing questions for Tapper--

question 1:
Monday-light squat, light bench
Tuesday-light powerclean, light deadlift
Thursday-squat heavy, bench heavy
Fri-heavy cleans, max deadlifts
Is this the correct split?

Question 2:
I don’t want to take supplements, not even creatine(I’ll take a multivitamin, though). Can’t I do this program eating naturally?

Question 3: For thursday, what rep/set scheme for heavy bench and heavy squat (you explained the light days but not heavy ones) And is this all I should do or am I supposed to add forearm, calves, bi's, etc? Thanks for answering.

Uhh-“Tapper”-also, how much are you supposed to rest in between sets for this program?

Yes its the right split

On Heavy Day use 8-warmup set PNF stretch PRIOR

than 5-4-3-2-1 going to failure on everyset staying as close to your 95% of max without going over. Do not reach do any forced reps on any sets. When your 95% of max gets easy test for a new max next week like you would max out. Check out maximal weights for the proper warmup of a max. Than when you have achieved the new max your percentages for 85% and 95% (light and heavy days change also)
Do not train any arms yet concentrate on building poundages up.
you can do abs and calves twice a week.
You need to include a postworkout shake whey protein and Ultra fuel 40g of P and 50g of C
on your light days eat a low glycemic MRP like Grow.
Make sure you get at least 1.5 g of protein per lb of lbm. Trust me protein powder is more natural then the beef you buy at the SuperMarket!