Poliquin Powerlifting

someone here talked about how charles poliquin arranged his variables to work with someone who practice powerlifting and made a similarity to westside style.

Here is my question, I readed a lot of charles poliquin stuff, even that he pointed studies that speed strength have a positive impact on maximal strength developpement but I have never seen him use It in a program contitution.

I wonder If someone here know how he use these principes for powerlifting since I have never seen It in his book.

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Dude, Poliquin has some good stuff. Most of what I read by him is applicable to BB’ers and Athletes (football, hockey, etc.) Kind of funny, he slams BB’ers a lot in his writing, yet he spends a lot of his energy working with them and writing about them, PLUS he shaves his body and tans for pictures, gotta love it…

Anyway, if you want PL routines, go to PL’ers, Westside, Coan, Sheiko, MM, etc… They are the ones actually under the bar. I wouldn’t waste my time digging up Poliquin PL Principles. Hell, maybe that will be the title of his new book of super secret advanced training guru methods…