PO Box or PMB for gear?

I’m going to be ordering some gear by the mail soon and I don’t want my wife to know so I can’t have it delivered to my home address. What are my options? Do I get a personal mail box (PMB) or what? If so, how do I go about doing this? If it helps, my source ships priority mail.

Easiest way is to go to your local Post office. They offer PO Boxes there for a good price and even for limited times.

Have it sent to your work address. It’s not the greatest option but it’s an option.

regular mail is less likely to be opened and will most likely arouse less suspicion when coming from a “supplement” company

J, are you saying I’m taking more of a chance if I have it sent to a PO Box instead of my home address? I don’t want to get it seized. I guess I could stay home and wait for it to come but I never know when it will be delivered. Any other suggestions?

No the P.O. box sounds like a good idea. What I meant was if it’s sent priority mail rather than regular mail it may arouse more suspicion and have a greater chance of being opened, especially since it’s coming from a company that does mail orders for gear and may be flagged by customs. Check out the article “Getting the Gear” for some good suggestions.

I don’t mean to sound like a jackass, but personally I would talk to my wife/girlfriend about it. It would be a shame if roids ruined you marriage. My g/f wasn’t to hip on the idea of me going on, but after I should her all the research and told her that I was going on a normal cycle, she became understanding and said she would support me as long as I didn’t get violent with her. Besides, don’t you think your wife will start to notice if you are bloated, getting big in a short period of time, breaking out, etc.?

i do talk to my wife about it and she’s completely fine with it as long as its legal. Like if I got a prescription or used androsol or whatever she’s cool. she’s only concerned that I’ll be doing something illegal. she trusts my knowledge on the subject and knows i won’t do something stupid. Ripped, you’re right, i might as well tell her… thanks for the help guys.