Please Recommend an Elbow Sleeve

I tweaked my left elbow a couple of weeks ago. Rested about a week and have now returned to the gym. It still hurts a bit and I’m looking to buy an elbow sleeve/wrap.

Will someone please recommend one.


Does anyone have the Mark Bell elbow sleeve?

I have his slingshot for bench pressing and it keeps my shoulders pain free.

IMO, one that will help keep your elbows warm. I usually got something like Futura in the pharmacy area of a drug store. I wasn’t looking for support to aid in increasing the lift, just something to help protecting from injury, or further injury. I usually put Icy Hot on the affected area and then put the sleeve on.


This rubber “Voodoo Floss” stuff is pretty cool. You just wrap it around your elbow, so you don’t have to worry about getting the right fit from a sleeve. You can wrap it lightly for a little support or really crank it down tight if you want a bionic elbow. And then in the future when some other body part is jacked up you can use the floss on that without getting a new piece of equipment.


I’m with @FlatsFarmer that voodoo floss actually did appear to do some magic for my elbows! That said, I’m with @RT_Nomad that I still like to wear sleeves to keep them warm (icy hot adds to a potent combination).

To that end, I like 3mm-5mm neoprene. Follow the sizing instructions they give you on whatever site (don’t size down). I got whatever was cheapest on Amazon and they work fine.

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Cerberus triple ply elbow sleeves. That will do the trick.