Please Read - Estrogen Question

I have always had elevated estradiol and prolactin levels and coincidently I have always had problems with acne, water retention, mood fluctuation, and the worst is gynoid fat pattern (25 lbs of fat on my rear.) I went to two endocrinologists that noted my high levels, but wouldn’t prescribe anything becasue I didn’t have gyno. This supposedly is their gold standard of aromatization problems. Yet I still have all of the other problems o contend with. Can someone help. I tried clomid and proviron and didn’t notice anything.

Prolactin causes acne? i take gbl to sleep so im wondering if thats the cause since gbl/ghb stimulates prolactin i read.

Prolactin doesn’t necessarily cause acne, but the elevations and fluctuations of estradiol due to aromatization definitely does. Hence, “Bacne - back acne” the heavy AAS users get.