Progesterone question

I have had this bloating problem and severely holding water, even with taking herbs and other natural diuretics. The bloating seems to vary from day to day but gets progressively worst. I am also a few weeks late for a period but all the tests are negative and I really shouldnt be pregnant anyway. I looked at some other sites and I saw that being estrogen dominant or lacking progesterone will cause my symtoms which also include constant fatigue and trouble loosing weight. I am constantly in the gym, on a 90% constant diet of vegetables, meat, protein powder, and eggs and some sunflower seeds. I should have seen plenty of weight loss but water retention is bad and the bloating is constant, looks like Im 3 or 4 months pregnant. My metabolism seems slow also because I am cold even when I am finished with the treadmill. Any ideas on this Progesterone stuff? Will Tribex-500 increase my testosterone and maybe balance out my progesterone and estrogen? I need some real advice, all the doctor said in the first visit was to come back for some tests, and I had to suggest hormone testing. I am not confident in them so I need more information. What about these progesterone supplement creams? Will they be a good idea even if I am not sure about my levels? Thanks. Kasia

I don’t know for sure but this does not
sound like a progesterone/ovary problem.
It sounds like a brain issue. Are your
breasts tender? Might be a galactinoma.
I’d be interested in your FSH/LH levels.

Go see a doc…pronto!!!