Hey, I’m a lineman, i always lift heavy. How do i do peridization anf how often should i shock my muscles?

Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION has some great info. I recommend alternating 1-6, 5X5, 54321, 2 sets under 8 reps (w/second being really heavy but not to failure), and a few sets of 1 rep. This has worked well for me, but use this site and powerlifter sites to find a program that may work for you better.

From what i can tell from this post you really are going to have to read up some more (you spelt periodization wrong twice). This is a MUCH broader topic than I think you realize. I’m not trying to be one of those guys who just says look it up. But, you are going to have to make the question more specific if you want a good answer.
-training history
-time to achieve these goals
These are some of the things that people who receive good answers have in their posts.

Sean, you should read Tudor Bompa’s “Serious Strength Training”. It’s the basic reference for people getting into periodization. It has lots of different schedules for lifting, eating and everything else.

I agree with Yo. I hate it when people on this forum give people attitude for asking questions that could be answered rather easily. But, I’m afraid Periodization is too complicated to explain on this forum. And, there are some many flavors and models of it. I would suggest you read a book called “Supertraining” by Mel Siff and/or Tudor Bompa’s book as someone else suggested. Again, this is truly a subject that cannot be explained and understood over a forum. It’s going to rely on some diligent self research.

“I am a lineman for the county, and I drive the main roads” Read “Get Buffed” by Ian King.

As far as periodization, IMO for a lineman undulating periodization is the way to go at least for most of the year. Assuming your in college, check your library or ask you Strength and Conditioning coaches regular coaches or whatever to find the Volume 10, Number 3 1988 edition of the NSCA strength and Conditioning Jornal. Charles Poliquin has an excellent article for improving football strength and conditioning programs.

Read Dave Tate’s periodization bible in issues 129+133 of T-mag.