Pavel's 'Power to the People' book - Useful?

Has anyone here bought/read the above publication, and found ‘allot’ of it useful with their training routines? Pavel’s been featured on T, though a couple of comments emphasing strength over size has me wondering whether the book targets the more top end athletes/agile related requirements, rather than ‘generally’ accepted training principles.

It’s an interesting read, but it is probably more useful for a beginner or someone strictly interested in getting stronger and not bigger. Although, he does go over his “Bear” technique for increasing size by using heavy weights,low reps, many sets and short rest periods.

Go to, there is a summary of his workouts and quite a bit of info under articles section.

I have the book read it about three times and still find something new when I skim through it. I put on 6lb of LBM when I started doing PTP. My bench and other lifts went up a descent amount. Some people put on more mass others none. Something about putting on muscle mass that your body should already have.
Did you read any reviews at amazon? and check out