Pavel books

I was wondering if anyone has read Pavel’s Power To The People book? Did you find it helpful? What kind of gains (if any at all) did you make?


The routine described in this book is for people who aren’t trying to use weights as a
sport (i.e. bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting). The routine is suited best for people with limited time and nothing more than a barbell set. In fact, he says this is more of an average person, with no particular goal in mind, routine. However, the principles he lays out are awesome. Very scientific, although he tends to realy cut to the chase in his writing. I would buy it for those principles alone.

Actually, I’m just fixing to start lifting ala Pavel style. I’m not a bodybuilder so I will be traing using some suggestions I’ve seen him make for martial artists, since I just took up Muay Thai.

I’ve read the book and follow the program (25 deadlifts and 25 press (bench or side)five days a week). This program is great for strength but I have put no weight on. Pavel’s Beyond Streching is also great. I can do the box splits now ! Acording to Pavel if you want to get big then do the same program but 5*5 and use less weight. Don’t know if it works,haven’t tried it. Every other program I have tried of his worked really well for me.

Actually in the book it states if you want to put on size and body build you should arrange the program differently specifiically do more sets of 5 and train less times per week. REad it thoroughly as it is a bit open to interpretation then go on dragondoor’s forum and ask your questions. I have had incredible strenght gains from it and a bit of size too.