Paper Issue #4 of T-mag

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about paper issue #4. They were mailed last week to paid subscribers. I don’t think Tim is sending out any freebies this time around, so you have to be a paid subscriber/VIP to get it. Let us know what you think of it when you receive it. Thanks, VIPs!

PS- TC and I did a “news story” in there about Monica Brant’s ass. It was weird because at the Arnold we were all waiting on an elevator together. I couldn’t help but think, “Does she know we just passed out 15,000 copies of our magazine that contained an aticle about her butt?!” I almost asked her. But then I decided to just spend my energy staring at said butt. Then she got tired of waiting on the elevator and took the stairs. Hmmm, maybe that’s why the butt is so luscious?

Chris, for the sake of all T-men, TELL ME you followed her up the stairs, about 3-4 steps behind! I know, I know…that’s shallow - but it was MONICA BRANT!

Nah, she was going up to my room anyway. (Ha!)

1986: Chris Shugart and TC Luoma, intrepid high school newspaper editors, are expelled for distributing an “special edition” of the school paper, featuring poems and essays about head cheerleader Monica Brant’s ass. Flash forward fifteen years to hear them laughing at their recollection of the principal’s admonishment, “Gentleman, you won’t go anywhere in life writing about Ms. Brant’s ass,” as they evade yet another restraining order to do further exhaustive research on the topic in Columbus, Ohio.

From the kinder and gentler whopper: Chris, it was with great distress I read this post. Obviously, you have not been considering the feelings of various posters who feel we should be kinder and gentler, and also stay away from topics related to sex or anthing like that. If you have been watching the forum, you will know I embraced this new philosophy yeasterday, and since then I have seen great results, I have lost almost three inches off my arms, my chest now resembles that of a heroin addict, and my waist has incresed by 5 inches…great progress if I say so myself! But back to you…I think your obsession with Ms. Brant’s physical characteristics is showing a complete disrespect for the positive qualities she may have developed as a human being…qualities that she has probably worked hard to develop. Instead, you fixate upon her natural genetics and view her almost as an object rather than a sentinent being. I ask that for the good of all t-folks, you consider counseling to look deeper into these issues…perhaps in your case shock treatment, with heavy doses of Lithium would be an appropriate treatment method. Also in the future, please consider that many posters feel that this forum should deal with only training issues. If we extrapolate that to the online mag as well, then we must consider that your non-training based articles (I.E. Atomic Dog) must go. Therefore, if you cannot change your submissions to A: Be non-offensive to anyone, and B: Be only training related, having nothing to do with sex, the female figure (except in a training sense) You may want to consider finding another, more suitable place to be gainfully employed. TC, I am not trying to offend you, I am attempting to educate you on what appear to be your psycological issues and shortcomings. Just trying to help, and once again, if I have managed to offend anyone with this post I deeply apologize! K.G. Whopper

Whopper- I didn’t realize Euphoria was on the market already! Damn, I’m always the last to know.