Pain In Back Of Knee

I’ve got stiff severe pain in the BACK of my right knee. Especially when I get up after sitting. I almost fell last week when I got up in hurry and took a step at the same time, it was so stiff and practically locked up. I thought I just stressed it somehow, but its been like this for two weeks now. Any ideas on what’s up?

sounds like it could be patellofemoral pain. Check with an orthopedic surgeon to start getting therapy on it.

Here it goes again. Call 719-473-7000 for an ART referral. Could be the plantaris, tibialis posterior, hamstrings, or other areas.

It sounds like a baker’s cyst to me. PFPS symptoms tend to present in the front and side of the knee. Other possibilities are ham/gastroc strain & pcl tear. See an orthopedist first. IRONDOC, I notice you advise ART therapy a lot and was wondering if you were an ART therapist? What type of doctor are you? I’m a physical therapist thinking of becoming an ART therapist and have some questions.