Over 35 Forum Area

It’s been suggested to me (by more than just a few members) that we have an “Over 35” (as in over 35 years old) area of the forum for lifters whose needs may differ from thsoe of 20-year-old lifters.

Any one like to see that?

I just turned 34, does my opinion count?

This isn’t some trick to find out who us old farts are, is it?

Count me in sonny.


Count me in.

As someone who is $39.99 plus tax, I think it is a great idea. Us older lifters have more disposable income to spend on Biotest products.

I might not qualify just yet being that I’m thirty four as well, but yes, I think it would be a good idea. There are definitely new concerns as we hit this age group.

Sounds like it might be a good idea. I’m finally starting to admit that I need to do things a little differently than I did 10 years ago.

TC - I am over 35 but personally I am not in favour of select people only forums. The main reason is: where do you draw the line? Do you then have a T-vixen only forum? A “don’t want this guy posting” forum? Well, the list can go on and on.

If someone wants to start a post that targets us older guys then I say just label it so. If others post as well i would just ignore them if they are not relevant.

Just want to add that you all are doing a great job and are successfully building a great company. I have been with Testosterone from the very very beginning and while I might not agree 100% with what you are doing you have kept me as a loyal customer even though you have to send my orders half ways round the world.

Just try and get your production consistent will you.

Sorry i think that i may have misunderstood the question. The forum would target issues for the over 35 crowd? If that is the question then - yes, it would be a good idea.

The needs do differ.

Excuse me I thought you meant that only those over 35 could post.

Thanks for asking. There isn’t a lot available for the “Master” athletes training.

Short answer: I’d be interested, specifically if it ends up being training, nutrition, etc oriented.

Long answer:
I fall into that age group, and would welcome the opportunity. However, I’m not sure if my training goals are significantly differant than my younger T-breathren. Of course, there are lots of differances in training approaches, recovery issues, and overcoming overuse injuries that I’ve incorporated as a result of my age, and it would be helpful to have a place to test ideas, etc. I wish I could have read the No More Neanderthal series in 1981, although back then I was indestructible. I also can’t help but think that younger guys would benefit as well

I wonder if there would be enough activity to make a forum oriented towards 35+ training make sense, but I’ll leave that to you guys. Another approach that would be interesting to me, and would perhaps be a way to gauge interest, would be to have a Think Tank and/or guest forum targeted towards the specific training and nutritional needs of the “old crowd”. (I should proabably stop telling you how to run your business now)

It will probably end up with us complaining about pictures of Bea Arthur being posted in “Powerfull Images” and vixens posting questions about how to land old guys with money.
(humor hijack over)

Seems reasonable, that is if there is content to support it.

I’ll be 34 next week. I think you should test run it for 2 weeks. Would it be just for training?

I can see benefits and also potential probs.

And not really for different needs. If your gonna try to sell us Centrum Silver or something forget it. You just get different kinds of responses here.

I will be better at 40 than I am today, and believe in this age that I can at least IMPROVE until I’m 50.

[quote]Karnage wrote:
Sounds like it might be a good idea. I’m finally starting to admit that I need to do things a little differently than I did 10 years ago. [/quote]

LOL! I’m the same way. While I generally think I could “hang” with the average 20-something gym rat, I definitely agree that there do need to be some modifications. I’m 37, BTW.

I think the area should allow uncensored pictures of nekkid women. After all, looking at stuff like that helps increase Testosterone production in us “old farts.” The young guys don’t need to be looking at stuff like that because it’ll just get them all worked up. Don’t consider it gratuitous porn. Consider it Testosterone therapy. :slight_smile:

It’s a great idea on many fronts. First of all can we keep the kids out who post about everyones mother having sex using various methodologies?

Okay, I’m in. As soon as I turn 35 that is…what? Okay, I lied, I sort of remember what 35 was like…hmm then again the memory is going on me…dang. Why don’t you guys make an anti-aging supplement. Quit fooling around with mere training sups.

Okay, I’m in…oops I forgot I already said that…dang…why don’t you guys make an anti-aging supplement. :slight_smile:

Will the forum be formatted with extra large print?

Seriously, I’d be interested in a 35+ forum.

I’ll be your Huckleberry.

I just turned 30, is there something I need to worry about happening in the next five years? Very “Logan’s Run” the way you are all talking. I thought you were only as old as you felt?


This might not be the proper place for it, but if you are testing the demand for 35+ forum would that also mean that there might be a demand for an article or two geared toward the older lifer?

Nutrition, training, and recovery seemed to have all changed after35.

I’m in.