Opinion on Bodyweight Exercises for Muscle Gain?

Speaking of mass monster. Looked more into it and one of the top God’s of calisthenics trainings on line is 511 to 6 foot and clocks in at under 170 with sub par leg mass.

But let’s be honest your not going to many guys over 200 plus doing all those circus tricks you see. Since the added mass is a disadvantage.
People assume that all of these guys aren’t doing some other form of resistance training.
But let’s be honest if BW exercise were truly the only optimal way of building size and strength . No one would would be doing any other form of resistance training.

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A lot really depends on how much you weigh & how many dips & pull-ups you can do. A bigger guy (let’s say a guy who who weighs 225+ will get more from basic body weight exercises than a 160lb dude).

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Surely the top dogs of calisthenics training are gymnasts?

Not the one I mentioned. No competitive back ground in it.

at the beginning of a workout as part of a pre-exhaust strategy.

Im actually doing something like this
Dips before Bench (to warm up chest tris and shoulders)
Pullups before either BB Rows or DB Rows

For sure, I noticed this through trial and error