One day arm cure

Hi. Have anyone of you tried the “one day arm cure”? Does it realy work? And if it work, does it only work for your arms, or can i use it for other bodyparts to (Quads and hamstrings, calves, Shoulders and lats, Forearms) ?
i will try it if it realy works!

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I think I have seen some positive responses about this on the forum previously. My T-woman and I are going to do it next Saturday. It’ll be an adventure physically and mentally. - Nylo

i just tried it a few weeks ago,and it worked for me.but it thickened my upper forearms and lower biceps more that building overall mass.
if i try it again im going to use more basic movements like barbell curls.

I did CP’s one day arm cure about 2 years ago. I followed it to the letter, setting aside my day off and having all the food pre made. I can attest to the incredible soreness. The problem I had was that it was all for naught because I got tendonitis in the elbow so bad that I absolutely had to give up any pressing movememnt for over a month. I had never had this problem before, and it shows up infrequently since. My opinion, the is too little potential good and may to much chance of injury. Look into something else.

I tired it as did my brother and we both put 1/4 inch on our arms, however we train our triceps very hard normally 6+ sets 2x weekly, and our biceps only 3 sets 2x weekly. When we did the program we had been training for over six years, but we never had done more than 10 sets a week for bi’s. We followed the directions almost exactly however in the last few wo’s we used a little less weight and did a few more reps. BE SURE TO DO THE EXACT TEMPOS! I loved it, and the day after my arms didn’t hurt nearly as much as I expected, but they felt weak almost as if someone gave me deadarms for almost 8 days. The hardest part is staying focused all day long. Between my bro and my self lifting, rehydrating, and pissing there was only about 15mins between wo’s to sit and relax. Ive heard of people doing it for other body parts but I never tried it. Gonna attempt again in June. Good Luck, Dan

I agree with JEATON that the risk of tendinitis in this program is not worth the potential benefits. My brother and I followed CP’s protocol exactly and had minimal results. My arms were about 1/4" bigger during the next few days, probably due to inflammation, glycogen storage, etc. A week later they were barely 1/8" bigger. I also developed elbow tendinitis after the ODAC which took 6 weeks to rehab. Since then I have made much better arm gains just through gaining overall muscle mass.

Ya know, it’s interesting, I remember reading in one of Arnold Shwarzenneger’s books that back in his bodybuilding days, him and a partner would ‘go out to the woods’ with a few ladies and blast the hell out of one bodypart for a whole day…just concentrating on that one muscle. It would be either barbell curls, or benching for pecs, whatever. The idea was to blast a muscle into growth by totally annihilating it! Seemed to work for Arnold, and I think it’s the same reasoning CP is using. So I don’t think you HAVE to use CP’s formula (maybe the nutritional part), just pick a day and blast the hell out of the muscle group you want to force into growth.

in my opinion the risk of injury comes more from the selection of exercices than the volume of work.the calafornia press was hell on my wrists,and i would never consider that exercise again.

This sort of training is really an illusion (if I can call it that) and doesn’t produce serious results LONG TERM. Yeah I also tried this sort of thing a while back (Arnold’s I-go-you-go ‘system’). Its glucogen retention and imflammation and the results don’t last.