Omega-Man Longjack Side Effects

Alright, just stumbled on the Omega-Man Longjack supplement by biotest. Any have any side effects from use? Any negatives? I want to hear positives too!

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Not used the biotest one as in the UK but longjack seems to work wonders for me. Feel like a different man when i’m on it. No side effects noticed for me although not had any blood work or anything done yet.


I’ve been using Omega-Man since it was released, and personally, I’ve noticed nothing but positives.

Biotest was using longjack in Alpha Male previously, and I don’t recall ever reading or hearing about negative experiences (I never had any issues in years of use).

It’s a thoroughly researched natural testosterone booster.

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Do you take it morning or night? With or without a meal? Before training or anything like that? Do you cycle weeks on and off at all?

I take my Omega-Man in the morning before my workouts, but that’s just what works best for my daily schedule.

The cool thing about Omega-Man is that thanks to the unique delivery system you don’t need to stress about when to take it or whether to take it with or without food. Don’t overthink it. Whatever time you can be consistent with is the best.

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Exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thanks!

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No cycling, right?

Oh, yeah. My bad. There’s no need to cycle Omega-Man.

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Thanks, everyone! I’m looking for a boost. Almost want to teeter on being “unnatural” while still being natural…if that makes sense? Go as far as I can, but stay natural. Anything Biotest offers?

I take tribulus & longjack together before bed.

Significant and noticeable difference.

Significant different taking both supplements or a significant difference because you take it before bed?

Before bed.

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I’m curious and want more details. I took alpha male in the morning and afternoon, but that specified on an empty stomach.

:man_shrugging:t2: I’ve just always taken tribulus and related test boosters a little while before bed because test production peaks when you sleep.

Just a hypothesis of mine. Not necessarily accurate or factual.

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I figured taking it to negate the daytime trough would keep levels higher, but allow the night peak to still happen.

We need a bro science thread, that would be interesting.

Although I guess that’s almost every thread.

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We might need that @unreal24278 kid and his terabit processing brain to chime in.

I’m making shiny stuff today! :smiley:

Oh my goodness, I have SO much to contribute. Although I refer to it as alchemy, haha.

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I did the thing.