Omega Man: Some (Stupid?) Questions

Hey guys,

I’ve been going back and forth on trying Omega Man, but have a few points I’d love clarified before doing so. I have zero experience with any kind of over the counter testosterone or sexual health-based supplement, so please excuse my ignorance.

Some background on my current circumstances:

  1. My training, diet, and sleep are in check. I am in the gym 3-4x per week, eat 4 times per day (95% clean), and sleep 8+ hours per night consistently (90%+ of the time unless I’m traveling). I know these are the “big rocks” for healthy testosterone levels, and I do my best to execute on them well.

  2. My bodyfat levels are in check. I’m sub-15%, and I know higher bodyfat levels can inhibit natural testosterone production, so I keep my conditioning up.

  3. My stress-management and recovery practices are in check. I regularly meditate, do yoga/mobility work, connect with loved ones, disconnect from digital media, and plan & prioritize so I’m not constantly overwhelmed.

  4. My “essential” supplementation bases are covered. I’m taking Superfood and Flameout daily to fill any gaps in my diet which, given the variety of fruits and veggies I eat, probably aren’t large. I supplement an already adequate amount of whole food protein via whey protein as well.

  5. With all this in mind, I’m entering a “higher stress” phase of my life. I’ve been given more responsibilities at my job (major known tech company), run my own business on the side that’s grown 200% this month, and have a girlfriend, my family, my own health, etc. to be mindful of outside of work. I’ve read that LJ100 can have a buffering effect on stress, which makes it interesting for me right now (more on what I’ve read on this below).

My biggest concern, based on my lack of experience with these supplements: will Omega Man LJ100 have permanent and lasting effects on my endocrine system? Is it like a “steroid?”

One of the studies T-Nation linked out to cited “steroidogenic effects” by supplementing with Eurycoma longifolia (Longjack). Does this imply that, once taken, it will alter my system in such a way that I’ll have to continue taking it in order to maintain my “new normal,” or risk a dip and lowered test levels when not taking it?

Sorry again if this is a stupid or ignorant question - I’m genuinely interested in trying it, especially if it can help maximize my body’s natural testosterone safely while also buffering stress levels.

From my own digging, both on T-Nation and beyond, my understanding is that it functions more as a natural tesosterone “enabler” versus “booster.” In other words, it “frees up” testosterone that’s already in your body and doesn’t push your levels to super-physiological levels, like anabolics would.

@TC_Luoma mentioned in LJ100: The King of Natural Testosterone Boosters:

“It’s for people who want to increase their natural T levels, to be slightly more than they are, hormonally speaking.”

Given this, it seems like a “natural,” non-steroidal way to make the most of your own, natural test levels. Do I understand that correctly?

A few more examples of further reading I’ve done…


" Tongkat ali may enhance sperm production by increasing the production of the gonadotropins luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which elevate testosterone and sperm production in the testes, respectively." [Source]

Via Transparent Labs:

" In one study involving moderately stressed subjects, daily supplementation with 200 mg of LJ100 for four weeks improved stress hormone profile and certain mood parameters, including tension, anger, and confusion (14).

These results suggest that Tongkat ali may be useful for shielding the body from the detrimental effects of chronic stress, including the stress of dieting, sleep deprivation, and training." [Source]

I’d be incredibly grateful for any feedback from the T-Nation crew: @TC_Luoma, @Chris_Shugart, etc.

Thanks for all the awesome work and keep training hard, ya’ll.

I would recommend Ashwagandha if you are looking for something to relieve stress. I’ll defer to the experts on some of the other questions raised.


Great questions! It’s nice to see someone putting so much thought into a product before starting it.

Since Omega-Man is a natural testosterone booster, your testosterone levels won’t reach super-physiological like you mentioned. If your testosterone levels are anything but optimal, Omega-Man will help boost your levels up to that point, especially considering you are already doing everything else to take care of yourself properly.

I think adding Omega-Man would be extra insurance as you head into a stressful time, as we all know that stress can have a detrimental effect on our testosterone level.

If you ever would decide to stop using Omega-Man, your testosterone level would likely return to your pre-supplemental range, but it wouldn’t drop to a significantly low level as what tends to happen after a steroid cycle.

I hope this helps, but please don’t hesitate to let me know if I missed a question of yours, or if you have any follow ups.


Hey @Matthew_Weeldreyer - thanks for your reply!

I did a bit more digging and looked at other formulas and breakdowns of Tongkat Alli.

While it sounds like the jury’s still out as to how exactly TA influences testosterone, sexual health, and stress, I’ve decided to give Omega-Man a try - just ordered two bottles. I’ll keep the community posted on my findings.

Honestly, I appreciate the straightforward formulation Biotest is putting out: 300mg LJ100 and nothing else, which is right in the sweet spot from what I’ve read for the desired effects (dosages ranged from 200-600mg from study summaries I’ve read).

I’m still open to feedback from the rest of the team, like @TC_Luoma who wrote at-length about Omega-Man. But for now, let’s give it a go and see how we get on. :grin:

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You’re welcome. And I agree; Biotest going with 300mg of pure LJ100 is going to give everyone the best bang for their buck.

Definitely keep us updated!