Oil dosing

Hey all. I have changed things in my diet to include Omega 3 type oils as my primary fat sources (of course, balancing them with the 6’s per doc. Udo.) I was just wondering how everyone takes their oils. I put mine in my meals, but have heard some like to take it right out of the tablespoon they pour it in. What’s you fav. way of taking it?

I put it in an MRP and then don’t taste it at all.

Sometimes i sup my flax oil straight from the spoon and other times i add it to my protein shakes. Another way is to shake it up with some vinegar and use it as a salad dressing. I must admit that taking it straight off the spoon is a bit rank but it gets the job done!

Right from the spoon - I love Udo’s, flax is worse but bearable. However, everyone’s different, it makes some people sick to take it directly. Only one way to find out for sure!

Oral syringe (with bottle stopper). Suck it right out of the bottle with the syringe, squirt it to the back of the tongue, then take a swallow of water and wash it down as you would a pill.

Can you tell I hate the stuff?

And no, I don’t like screwing up my AP shakes with it although they do disguise most of the taste. But with my method, you taste almost nothing. To totally kill all possoble after taste, take with a swig of Pepsi One.

I do two syringes a day usually.

either with salad dressing, or straight up…hold my nose, swallow, and chase it down with some water.

Chris, what type EFA supplement do you use?

This one is a little strange, but the best way I found is to mix some sugar-free Kool-Aid on the strong side (only 1L per packet), and mix the oil in with it in a small glass. The Kool-Aid is so strong that there is no oil taste. Belches afterwards have a nasty flavor, but I am sure there is no way around that one.

Brian- I use a lot of flax seed oil and fish oil, about 15 caps a day. Udo’s sometimes.

Get two jars of peanut butter, one empty and one full. Split the peanut butter evenly into the two jars. Fill the the jars to the top with flax oil. Mix well. You might want to vary the flax/pb ratio or add some molasses if it still tastes too rank. Eat the flax-infused peanut butter with a couple of organic Golden Delicious apples.

I get half a glass of icy water, pour the flax on top (it floats), and just skull it. Then I do a dance, pull faces, and curse the stuff, all at the same time for about 15 seconds…

I dump Udo’s in my AP shakes, I think it complements the flavor and makes cleaning the blender easier. Otherwise, try mixing it with Diet Coke and chugging it.

I usually drink it with soda too. I chug some soda which kills ther taste buds for a quick moment, then chug the oil, then another chug of soda. It’s the only way I can do it without getting queasy for the next 2 hours.

I like to mix a tablespoon with cottage cheese and salsa. Can’t taste it at all. Great snack before bed.