Cooking with Flax

Recently I’ve been beating in a tablespoon of flaxseed oil with my eggwhites. Am I burning away all of the oil or have I found the only (in my opinion) tasty way to take it down?

If you are using the flax seed oil to cook with you will be destroying some if not all the EFAs you are trying to get by using it. As far as i’m aware heat and light destroys EFAs so you should always keep your flax oil in the fridge in a darkened glass bottle. Try putting a couple of teaspoons worth in a protein drink and giving it a good shake, the oil breaks up into miniscule dropplets which are practically undetectable to the eye or the taste buds!

I believe the heat from the cooking process kills the integrety of the oil. The fatty acids actually alter under heat, and you get a fatty acid different than the one you started with. Its been a while since I have read about this, so any corrections are welcome.
sidebar- Udos Choice™ is the only supplement I have ever puked up. If anyone has ever taken straight MSM, you know how bad that stuff is. Some proteins are horrid. But nothing causes my gut to clinch and the gag reflex to kick in like Udos, or any other oil for that matter, but Udos is the worst. Any suggestions on how to choke it DOWN without puking it back UP? Thanks.

Flax is damaged by heat.

Da Man, I agree with the nastiness of the oils, but recently I tried mixing 1 Tbsp of Flax oil with about one cup of cottage cheese with pinapple. You can’t taste the oil at all.

The more time I spend reading Forum posts the more I begin to think I’m the ONLY guy that actually LOVES the taste of flax. I use Barlean’s brand and it’s kind of hard to limit myself to two tablespoons per day. Anyway, put it in a protein shake. It thickens the sahke a little and you really can’t taste it at all.

Yes, heat destroys the quality of flax oil. I can’t stand the taste, but I have found that Advanced Protein mixed with flax oil or flax and peanut butter tastes very good. AP does a good job of hiding the nasty flax oil taste.

Thanks for the suggestions everybody. I have tried to mask Udos with a lot of stuff, but the junk is just so nasty! I will try flax and see if that is any easier to choke down or mask. Thanks again.

I use the oil as well, but not that often. You guys are right it does taste pretty bad (in a shake you cant taste it). I have been using ground up flax seeds for a while now. Grind some up, sprinkle it on oatmeal , or basically anything. Its basically tasteless, and much cheaper then buying the oil. And the seeds dont go rancid easily like the oil. I always have a bottle of oil around but give grinding up the seeds a try… I think you might find it easier to take.

Flax oil is particularly fragile as far as oils go. It is sensative to even regular light. Hence usually in a black plastic bottle. I believe it was in the fat roundtable discussion that this came up if not The information can be found at the udo’s site.

Try mixing flax oil with balsamic and red wine vinegar to make a salad dressing. Not exactly delicious, but not bad.

If you cook anything with any kind of oil, ever, after you know you shouldn’t, you are a moron. Now you know.

I put my flax oil in my protein shake. I dont notice it at all. Will the actual flax seeds ground up work just as well?

Go to or look back to an interview on t-mag with udos erasmus or however you spell his name. I recommend getting some Udos choice perfected oil blend.

I understand that cooking with oils can damage them but my question is, are the fish oils in salmon damaged when I cook it?