Some Harsh Words

Has anyone else seen the June 2001 issue of Muscular Development? Steve Blechman’s editor letter caught my attention. In it he directly comments about the latest paper issue of T-mag. He doesn’t like the fact that the author lists no credentials for the supplement review article but does use a “nut sack” rating system.

I also find it interesting how they (M.D.) are trying to become more “hardcore” and in the same editor’s letter, Blechman is trying to rationalize the switch.

Is it just me or are bodybuilding magazines trying to become more hardcore? Muscle Media talked about it, now Muscular Development… I guess they are getting ready to compete with Testosterone once it begins hitting the more mainstream bookstores.

I guess Blechman just needs a way to separate M.D. from T-mag. His letter sure tried to do that.

So what is everyone’s consensus on the recent changes being made? Is everyone jumping on the “hardcore bandwagon” or are the magazines learning that people are getting smarter and won’t buy magazines with pages of watered down crap?

MD used to try to be Flex. That was a flop. Then they tried to be “all natural”. That was a flop. Then they tried to be like Sports Illustrated. Flop! Now I guess they’re trying to once again follow someone elses successful formula. Problem is, they and their supplement division (Twinlabs) have no originality or creativity. Also, why does the author of the Rater X column need credentials? I mean, he just makes fun of advertising. My guess is he must have made fun of a Twinlabs product and sissy boy Blechman is pissed. Rock the boat, T-mag! Keep up the good work! The big (yet oh so sissy) boys are scared already!!!

Hey cool! Free advertising for T-mag.I for one, welcome any “big guys” mentioning T-mag just to get the word out about them. I still can’t get any guys at my gym to check out T-mag since no one listens to chicks. Oh well, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Steve Blechman gave me a good laugh this weekend - the owner of Twinlab (that doesn’t sell a methyl-7 type of product) found the only product they don’t sell and tried to discredit it! What an asshole - oddly enough there are several methyl-7 type product ads hovering around this slam from EAS and other companies! I found MDevelopment disappointing in content as usual with weak attempts to stroke users and info blurbs that where either old news or too obvious.

Doesn’t Blechman and Twinlabs still sell HMB?

Blechman – a perfect name for this guy – is a whiny butthole who’s just trying to salvage whatever market share he can. In any event, I happen to like the nutsack rating system; it’s funny while also being an apt way to judge fitness-related subject matter.

Didnt MD also blast MM2K awhile ago for selling HMB saying it wouldnt work, and then they started selling it themselves and hyping it? Watch, Twinlab will start selling methoxy and then all of a sudden it will be the greatest thing to MD.

Twinlab also blasted effervescent creatine when it came out and ribose as well. Now of course they sell both products. Hmmm, odd.

here are twins top 3 infamous headlines:

vanadium doesn’t work …then super vanad fuel

hmb doesn’t work …then HMB fuel

andro doesn’t work …then andro fuel

and the next two are…

methoxy doesn’t work …then methoxy fuel

ecdysterone doesn’t work …then ecdy fuel

i’ll take all comers 100-1 odds

want more?
blechman is jealous of joe weider
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blechman is jealous of anything he didn’t think of----no i am not his shrink??? but he should pay me

typical md bullshit. two of the most outragious cames in md were comparing hmb to ghb {must have been the lettering}and reporting on the dangers of 5-htp using the short lived well explained incidence with tryptophan in 89.the same battle of the mags happened when mm2k got popular.just goes to show once someone comes along and shakes things up the big boys start to cry.