Now What?

I need some advice. I had been out of trining for over a year and I have been lifting for the past six weeks and everything had been going great up until last night. I broke my right thumb last night and I’m in a cast for 4 weeks at this point I know I can’t lift any weights. Wht would you guys do and what about the supplements Im taking like tribex red kat methoxy myostt and 4ad? I guess it would be a waste to take them since I can’t lift. Thanks guys

Why can’t you train??

Your legs still work don’t they? Your arms still work don’t they? Your torso/abs are still ok right?

Here’s a few things I can think of just off the top of my head:

  1. Zercher vs normal squats

  2. Weight belt squats

  3. Leg press/curls/extensions

  4. Glute ham raises/hypers

  5. All ab exercises

  6. pec deck (using forearms)

Modified versions of the following (using straps or hooks to accommodate the injured hand):
7) Lat pull downs

8) Chins

9) Rows (will probably need to lighten the weight)

And of course that’s without mentioning all the 1-arm training you can do. I would hope that the affected side is your best side (right handed?). If so, your left may benefit greatly from a bit of isolation!

Why not go for a specific leg concentration program whilst you’re healing? e.g. Ian King’s. If you’re like most on this forum your legs could do with some more work than the rest of your body. You can always follow up with an upper body specialisation program when you’re better.

Of course, I don’t know the extent of your injury, and how much of the above you can actually implement, but you get the idea- be creative!!I broke 2 ribs when a horse stood on me (I fell off) a few months ago. Didn’t stop me training, just needed to switch things around a little. Of course I’m not telling you to do stuff that will impede your recovery, but generally we know our limitations.

Hope this helps,


Not sure if you are but just in case make sure that you aren’t taking redkat and tribex at the same time, nor taking either at the same time as 4ad in the first place.

Having said that I’d say if you can do at least some training (legs, and others) then continue taking some of the above.

Or maybe chill a few weeks then ease back into it. It’s your call, there’s really no defenite answer whether you should continue training or chill.

Now reading the last part of your post, I would agree with Wompa and hold off the supps for now. Good nutrition and as solid a program as you can do will maintain all you’ve got, and prime you for a great gaining period as soon as you hit it hard again and add supps too.

I guess I should have stated that my hand and thumb are in a cast past my wrist so that hampers alot of movement for upper body. And as far as supps. what is wrong with stacking 4ad-ec along with red kat and tribex?

[quote]Tribex jacks up T by stimulating the pituitary while Red Kat works directly on the testicles. Same results, different modes of action.

Both can be used together for added effect.[/quote]

From the Atomic Dog himself in this thread:

Go for massive leg concentration during your down time do to the thumb issue.

As far as the supps you could stick with them or not. Your choice.

1 thing to consider, about the 4AD-EC atleast, is that it should help you preserve the upper body lbm during the down time. This along with helping to get good gains on your wheels if you go for a leg dominant program.

Good luck,

You have received some great advice relative to the continuation of your training in some capacity. I suggest that you heed it!

Even if you have to hit machines for a while, that’s better than nothing. Clearly you can’t be wrapping your hands around a bar, and I imagine that any blood pressure around your hand area would be quite painful so its possible that any upperbody work at first might be a no-go. I think its quite possible to focus on legs for a while. There were a lot of good suggestions for various exercises; you might as well make the best use of your time.

Good luck.