Nolvadex vs Anadrol

Is it true that Nolvadex is ineffective against Anadrol for countering gyno? I’ve read somehwere that oxymetholone converts to progestrone not estrogen and therefore an estrogen blocker is ineffective against it.

The “oxymetholone converts to progesterone” thing that is going around the boards is a misunderstanding of what I had said: that I believed, for reasons I gave, that oxymetholone
itself had progestagenic activity (not, “converts” to progesterone.)

Nolvadex is useless against that but if estrogen is also an issue, is useful. For
example, you might well be able to tolerate
the estrogen from using testosterone and
not have any gyno problems, but add in Anadrol
and you do, because of the sum of the effects
(estrogenic from aromatization of T, and progestagenic from Anadrol.) Use enough Nolvadex or Clomid and you might be okay because of blocking the estrogen component.

By itself, when estrogen levels are not high
from other things,
Anadrol is not very problematic with regard
to gyno.

By the way, not only does Anadrol not convert to progesterone, it doesn’t convert to estrogen either.