Nikki's Workout Log

Hi everyone, I’m new to these forums and starting my workout log. I won’t have a workout posted for today since it is my rest day, but I’m spending my day snazzing up my current routine. Basically if I’m not working out, then I’m thinking about working out.

Anyway, my stats… let’s see I’m around 5’1 and I hopped on the scale this morning at about 140. I don’t know how accurate that is, I had a bowl of cereal at 1 this morning. I don’t care about the scale anyway, the mirror is my measurement of success.

As for my weights, all I know is that I’ve been squatting 135 lbs for 10 reps, and I can do 140 at 6 reps. I’ll be doing deads later this week; I wasn’t able to do them for a while due to a pain in my tailbone.

Anything else? Hmm, I don’t diet. So don’t expect posts to see that I’m munching on seagrass and broiled fish :wink: I was on a calorie deficit for a year until a month ago. Deficits are no fun so now I’m pretty much eating whatever the hell I want. I bake a lot, so I always have muffins and cookies and junk. Working out and cooking are my vices. Only thing I try to ease up on is refined sugars, but even now I have a slice of lemon meringue pie that my neighbors brought over from their BBQ yesterday. Eh, eat and let eat right?

Anyway, I look forward to following everyone’s logs.

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Eh, who the fuck eats seagrass? I have some carpet made out of it… Welcome Nikki and bodyweight squats are nothing to sneeze at (wish I could do them - back injury won’t let me for the time being). Nothing wrong with lemon meringue pie either. Yum.

Hmph, eating seagrass… I’ve seen some strange forums in my time :wink:

For BW squats, I picture in my mind holding myself on my shoulders instead of the bar, just for fun.

I’ll post a new avatar tomorrow, that pic is a bit old. I’m just too lazy ATM to do anything but eat leftover BBQ.
And because I was slacking in my intro, I’m 18.
Geez, I wrote a damn novel up there and didn’t even put my age.

  1. Jesus.

Hi, you look teeny for 5’1 @ 140 - but its nice to see other shawty’s on the site.

Welcome! Looking forward to reading your log.

Yayyyyy for babies!
I’m kidding… Welcome Nikki!
What are your goals? Just to stay in shape or do you have something specific in mind?


Yeah I’m a youngin’.

I never looked like my weight. I used to be 200 pounds (a little over a year ago) but I looked like 160, if that. I literally have big bones though, my wrist is a little over 6 inches. But I know females here understand, other people aren’t too smart. They’ll look at you and say you look skinny, hear that you’re 140 and then look at you like you’re a walrus.

With diet, I can be 132-135. If I did a BCAA fast or no carbs, then I might be back to 135. But no carbs is no fun. I’m a carb-o-holic with a sweet tooth. Screw that. My body can hold water like Niagra Freaking Falls for all I care.

Sorry Queen, I went to get my cake so missed your post.
Hmm, my goals. Quads and hammies that will stop bullets. Not that I’m planning on getting shot any time soon. Seriously though, definition in my upper body and quads and hammies that you only get from low rep squats and deads. Yeah, those are sexy.

TBH, I didn’t have any poundage goals in mind. But I figured that I’ll BS something.
I want to squat 1.5x my bodyweight, so that’s what 210 lbs? Okay, we’ll call that a long term goal.
Tomorrow I’ll do my deads to see where I’m at. I’ll set a goal then.

My main focus is my lower body, back and shoulders. My biceps are okay; about 3 months ago I felt my tricep and learned that the tris ARE actually a muscle and not fat so I’m satisfied with that and I think I made my boobs do that little trick that muscle guys like to do. You know, like when the pec raises like an eyebrow or something? Yeah, that.

Ha, you’re cracking me up!
but in a good way.
Goals sound good. :slight_smile:
good luck!

wow, awesome progress…I can’t quite picture 200 pounds on your frame…yikes! How did you get to that point and what made you decide to change?

Yeah, I just thought 1.5 sounded like a good number to multiply with 140. Who knew that 140x 1.5 will end up with such a high number. I was thinking that it’ll equal what, 160? Yeah my math sucks, I stopped paying attention in math class when they started adding x= and formulas to the homework.

TBH, I just started these squats last week. My dumbass wasn’t counting the weight of the bar, so when I put on 2 45-lb plates, I though that I was just squatting 90 lbs. I did think that the 90 lbs felt heavier than it should but who am I to judge; I weigh 140 and look much less. Well apparently that olympic bar is the weight of a small child, weighing 45 lbs. So I realized that it was 135 lbs. At one point I did 140 and this week I was supposed to increase the weight by 10 lbs but I had an off day. I’ll try 150 this week. Where am I going with this? Oh I think I’m answering how I got to that point. Well, I did the BB squats for the first time last week and that’s just where I started. At home I had to squat with my sofa on my forearms though so maybe that’s why I started so high. Not a great powerlifting move but it worked me hard enough. Now I’m training at my grandfather’s home gym for a couple months, then in the end of August I’ll be training at my college gym.

I don’t know what you mean by decide to change.

oh, I was talking about the number you used to weigh! lol

Hmm, I thought that’s what you meant. I decided to change because I hated saying no to the good food. I don’t go balls out with the junk… well, not by my definition of balls out. I just had peach cobbler and a cookie for my last meal :slight_smile: I did have a dinner though at 4, I’m not that naughty.

I’m going to make myself feel good and say that 1 pound of the 5 lb gain is muscle. And mostly it’s just water. I should do low carb for a couple days to see how much I weigh without the water.

Alright, put a pin in that, I’ll try to do that sometime in the near future.

First, I know I said that I’ll have a new pic but I think I’m going to get rid of this water weight before I pull out a camera. So this 4 month old pic will have to do.

Anywho, did DLs and negative pull ups this morning.

5x5 with 95 lbs

1x8 with 45 lb bar

15 negative pull ups
Yeah yeah, I can’t even rep out one, bite me :wink:

My tailbone was hurting a bit, made it harder to do my reps but hopefully I don’t have to throw in the towel on my DLs yet.

Full pull workout will be tonight.

Lol @ “bite me”. Girl, doing negative pullups is an accomplishment on its own, so whatever.

Wait a minute, what did you do to your tailbone? Maybe you should let that beyatch heal before you do lower-body work…

I didn’t do anything to my tailbone, no trauma happened to it that it needs to heal from.

It’s Murphy’s Law I tell you, DLs are my favorite exercise so naturally my body finds a way to make it hell for me.

But screw my tailbone and screw Murphy. Next DL session I’ll do sumo DLs, for some reason they don’t hurt.

Pull workout

Leg curls (hammies feeling the work from this morning so took it easy)

Lat Pulldowns (UH grip)


Cable Rows

DB Rows


Finished with some hypers.

Uhm let’s see… I did say that I was debloating and true to my word I’m working hard on no-carbs and no salt/low sodium as possible. Hopefully I’ll look pic perfect on Friday, because Saturday I’m going hog-wild on carbs, water weight or not.

Meanwhile, I’ve been fuckin grazing on veggies today like a damn cow. “Only 2 more days” is the mantra I had to establish around 2 PM today.

hey there!!

I am late to the party, but i just read your posts and i love your attitude! :D! You seem to have a very cool way of looking at things-- not something i had at your age at all.

I can predict some serious success and gains in strength very quick for you–already you are pretty incredible! And QUITE hot :slight_smile: hurray for your log!

Pretty incredible? Hot? Right back at cha babe :wink: